The Designer: Gaia Lina

 Dutch artist living in the South of Portugal.

After graduating with a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam, Gaia worked as a teacher, painter, sculptor and designer for many years in her native Holland. 

Before moving to south Portugal she saw a piece of modern Nuno felt which is different from the very known wet felting, as Nuno felting combines wool and fibres onto another fabric such as silk. That new technique opened a whole new range of possibilities, like creating very thin and shiny felt but also interesting textures.

“ Immediately my body knew that that was what I wanted to explore. As I started working with this materials, I literally could feel it growing under, in and through my hands.

Working with the beautiful, soft natural materials in gorgeous colours and lustre, I started to specialize in felting very light and delicate shawls. After a while this developed into felting dresses, jackets, waistcoats and bags.

My most recent inspiration is to work with organic forms, earthy colours, textures and sometimes elements of the plant world, instead of the synthetic art that I was so keen
on at the beginning of my career.

I would love to bring this unique, natural feeling into our homes by way of wall hangings which enhances a sense of nature and give an interior a warm cozier home-like character.
The felt panels not only enrich the wall in an unique way but also offer ideal acoustics to solve noise issues. 



Assistant: Karolina Kaczmarek

Model, assistant and friend.

“ It's been almost a decade since I met Gaia. At first I met her on singing and painting workshops she was leading. At that moment in my life I was searching for something new. I was happily surprised when Gaia offered me to become her assistant. 

We had wonderful and interesting times working together in her studio. Sometimes sharing harmonious creative moments and sometimes facing challenges which made this project grow. 

Looking forward creating more beautiful felt pieces.

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I hope you enjoy looking at my work and please feel free to contact me for any further information.

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