Feel Good Felt Art


I love the feeling of connecting to the ancient technique of feltmaking to create works which hint at the loss of a sense of sacredness in this world.

Wet felted wall hangings



Size: 80 cm x 80 cm

This wet felted wall hanging is fixed on a canvas panel with 64 points that are the building stones of the Universe and of our DNA.

Seeds and Stars
The magic lies in the seeds
They have a secret bond
with the Sun, the Moon and the Stars
They follow a sacred rhythm
almost lost to us,
almost lost to us......

We grow biological seeds on our land and so I stumbled upon a book about "Surprising connections between Earth and Cosmos" by Willem Beekman. 

It reveals that plants have a great dependence on the moon. And even when seeds are locked in a dark room with artificial light they still react to the rhythm of the moon.

In this panel I communicate the feeling of this sacred connection between the cosmos and ourselves.

This wall hanging is wet felted with the grasses and seeds gathered in the Algarve melded with the finest merino wool and silks.


Floating Flowers


This wet felted wall panel was specially designed for the School of Music in Portimão, Algarve.

In this cool interior, I introduce an array of organic shapes and a flowing line and repeat the warmth of the colour red.

feel good felt dolls

I feel good in the act 
of slowly making by hand 
when I then begin
to step into a liminal space 
between time 
and hear the voice of my own spirit. 

Being the dreamer within the dream.

It is the art of healing and enchantment, 
weaving life and love into a creation
with materials from nature,
weaving a bridge back to our great grandmothers.


Keeper of the Great Mother

Size: 30 cm  (SOLD)

This doll speaks of how in the end, the little things are the most important.

With peace and space within ourselves we can take care of the world around us in connection with the Great Mother and give our full attention, love and care to the world around us. From that all things can blossom.

She is cuddling you, kissing you, cradling you, nurturing you, humming to you, for the plants, the birds, the animals, for herself out of love for life.

This little keeper mirrors your own innate ability to heal and to love. She will help you open your heart for the Divine Feminine.

Commissioned work

When you have a space that needs a warmer and softer feel or an acoustic adjustment; when you like to incorporate an element of Nature -  I am able to interpret your wishes and together, create the definitive addition for your environment.

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