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Here you find some tips about how to take care of a felted item and some background information.

All about Felt

Felt has many amazing qualities. It is 100% natural and 100% biodegradable.

It does not easily get dirty and is odour resistant. It is extremely breathable and can absorb large quantities of moisture vapour which will then evaporate into the air. It reacts to your body temperature and can keep you warm or cool. 

Felt is non-flammable and has incredible properties which you might enjoy researching.

Washing and Care instructions:

These garments last longer with less washing as wool does not absorb odour. Stains should be cared for with soft soap and water. Only minimal rubbing should be used.

To refresh your garment, hang it close to your shower or outside overnight. Steam ironing will also refresh it. (not too hot) It is not recommended to expose it to sunlight.

When needed you can handwash 30 degrees with a little soft soap, being careful to handle as little as possible.
Adding a dash of white vinegar to the rinsing water will help maintain the vibrancy of the colours. 

Roll in a towel and then lay it flat and shape it into the original form.

If needed, iron when still damp.
It is not recommended is to tumble-dry, dry-clean or use bleach.

Remember how you treat your soft woollen sweaters!

The principle enemy of wool is moths. When you store it away in summer put it in a closed box with some lavender or mothballs. Try hanging so as not to wrinkle.

It is normal for all woollen fabrics to show some pilling. You can carefully pull them off but it is better to remove them carefully with a shaver. (Only on the woollen parts, not on the silk fibres or other textures.)

Remember how to treat your felt garment

  • Handwash 30 degrees with a little soft soap. 
  • Do not wring friction, rinse with a bit vinegar and dry in a towel. 
  • Lay it flat and shape it into the original form.
  • Do not tumble dry, dry-cleaning or use of bleach.
  • Iron when its still demp.

The making of wet felt:

Concerned by our eco-system I work with sustainable materials dyed in an eco-friendly way and only using high quality natural fibres respecting our beautiful earth.

In this process we only use water and soft soap. 

This eco-friendly art goes hand in hand with elegance, originality and a soft touch.

Wool fibres have the characteristics of becoming connected through heating plus friction. 

Remember the woollen sweater you washed too hot?

Wet felting does not need machines, everything is done by hand. 

Before I start a design I have to calculate the size of the finished article depending on the thickness of the felt, bearing in mind that there is a 30 to 60 percentage of shrinkage. The lay-out is therefore much bigger than the end result.

You can say that making felt is a time consuming process. It takes hours, days and sometimes weeks to create an original piece of art.

It is Slow Design at its best!

My prices reflect the luxurious materials and the design and creation processes. I strive to maintain the delicate balance between art and value.

It is a pleasure for me to create unique designs with these amazing materials and I hope it will add some pleasure to your life too.

- Gaia Lina

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